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12/13/13 From the Martin County Sheriff’s Office today (Dec 13, 2013):

As most of you know by now we had a Pillow Case Burglary today in Palm City and as of now we have not caught them.

 I do want to remind you that these guys often appear as some time of “worker”, today being pool cleaners (she didn’t have a pool).  Please remind your community members to “Call 9-1-1 immediately”  when something like this happens in your community.

 -Laura G. Passanesi, Florida Crime Prevention Practitioner

10/20/13 A resident reported that he saw "George", a 6' alligator cruising the canals here in Sea Gate Harbor today. If you live on a non-sea-walled property or are visiting the Sea Gate/Lighthouse Point park along the river, please BE WATCHFUL. Alligators love to sun themselves along the shoreline and any small animal (cat or dog) could become a nice meal for it. This is not the first time there have been alligators spotted in our canals--it is a fact of living in this area.

9/25/13 Martin County Deputies just arrested three Pillowcase Burglars fleeing St. Lucie County. As a result of a BOLO (BE ON THE LOOKOUT) alert sent out by the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office, Martin County’s Uniform Patrol, K-9 and Air Units set up a perimeter along I-95. Within minutes they were able to apprehend the suspects, southbound on I-95, just north of the rest area. The suspect’s vehicle appears to contain jewelry and other stolen property. Sheriff Snyder would again like to remind everyone that the Pillowcase Burglars are active and is urging everyone to be vigilant about what is taking place in your community.

8/17/2013 There continue to be thefts and burglaries in the general area, both by land and water.  Remain alert to unusual activity and to strange vehicles, especially with heavily-tinted windows.  The “pillow case” burglars continue to operate, even though many have been captured.  Report any suspicious vehicles to the Sheriff’s office.

6/25/13 Update on the "Pillowcase Burglars" Residents should be aware of a change in the patterns of the "Pillowcase Burglars" – they now are targeting vehicles as well. Martin County Sheriff's officials are warning Treasure Coast residents after an organized crime ring is now being tied to aggressive car break-ins in Martin County as well. "Rule number one… If you don't need it…don't bring it… That means bring your ID, some cash, take them inside the gym or along with you to the park or beach, but leave everything else at home." The pillowcase burglars are known for breaking into homes during the work week by smashing glass doors, and throwing their stolen loot into pillowcases. But as the sheriff's office began to aggressively crackdown on the home break-ins, they noticed another trend, smashed car windows right in a row at parks, beaches, outside gyms, anywhere you would be likely to leave your wallet. What the suspects want is your ID and bank card. Then before you notice anything is gone, they have already hit the ATM and emptied out your account.

3/15/13 Pillowcase Burglaries.  Stuart and Palm City have been hit by a rash of burglaries. These generally occur between 10am and 3pm when homeowners are away at work or chores.  They generally come in a late-model stolen sedan or SUV with heavily tinted windows. One member of the team will go up to the door of the target house and knock to see if anyone is home.  If not, the team will usually attack the back sliding doors of the home and break the glass to enter.  If you see something suspicious, do not hesitate to call 911 or the Sheriff's office.  remember to lock your doors and windows, close your garage door, lock your car and use your alarm system! Be alert and help us to keep our neighborhood safe!

11/24/13 Today I discovered that the boat ramp chain had been stolen along with the lock--this occurred between yesterday afternoon and this afternoon. We are not sure if someone backed up to the chain and sprung the eyebolt or whether it was cut off.
Nevertheless, 15 ft of chain, a new eyebolt and lock had to be purchased and installed--costing nearly $85.  This project took most of the afternoon to get the supplies and then install--all on the eve of Thanksgiving preparations  :-((
The Sheriff's Dept. was called and a report filed since it was an act of vandalism and theft. If you have a problem with the lock on the boat ramp, there is a number listed on the piling at the ramp--call and we will help out if it is a problem with the lock.  Unfortunately, there are a few residents in the community who are too cheap to pay the Association dues and boat ramp fee to acquire a key.  The $75 Sea Gate Harbor membership and ramp key fee is a small price to pay for the convenience of our own boat ramp. (Lighthouse Point membership is only $60.00).
If you see or know of someone abusing the use of the boat ramp and its privileges, please call the Sheriff or the number on the piling.

7/22/13 Sea Gate Harbor Boat Ramp Repair Today the old concrete on the boat ramp was removed and new concrete installed. We got two bids on the work. This morning the contractor had a cancellation and was able to start the work at 9 am (Monday) It took 3-1/2 complete the project. BUT it will not be ready for use until Friday, July 26--it needs time to cure. On Sunday a boater took down the yellow caution tape we had put up and used the ramp. So to prevent that occurring until the concrete has had a chance to cure, we have placed a trailer on the old part of the ramp. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but feel fortunate that the job was completed so quickly.

7/18/13 Sea Gate Harbor BOAT RAMP CLOSED....The heavy rains this past week caused major erosion at the boat ramp and a large area of concrete has collapsed leaving a big hole. Signs have been posted stating it is closed until repairs can be made. Also yellow caution tape has been installed. Contractors have been contacted for estimates for repairs. We are sorry for any inconvenience and hope to have it back in service soon.

8/27/13 Today the #1 piling was replaced at the entrance to the Sea Gate Harbor channel. It was hit last week by lightning and destroyed down to the water line. Harbor Bay Marine attached some reflective markers until the permanent signage can be affixed. We felt this needed to be done quickly with the upcoming holiday weekend. The #1 Green markers are on order and should be put in place next week. Also, a "Slow No Wake" sign will be installed to remind boaters to keep their speed slow to avoid wake the entire length of the entry channel as well as inside in the canals. This has been confusing to some as they think No Wake only applies once inside the canals. Harbor Bay Marine realized the dangerous condition to boaters and was very speedy in pulling the damaged piling and replacing with a 12" one. They did the work when they said, are easy to work with and reliable. If you need marine construction, their email is and phone is 772-485-2298. Talk to Scott.

Fraud alert.  Recently, a number of fraudulent activities have been noted.  For example, employees at the St. Lucie County Clerk’s Office noted recently that they were surprised to see letters going out from a company to local residents selling an $83 service they offer for a buck or two.  A Wilmington, Del.-based company is offering homeowners who have recently refinanced their homes a copy of their deed and property profiles for $83, according to the letter. That’s information you can get for free from any clerk’s office website or $1 if you need a physical copy, officials said.  Clerk of the Court Communication Manager Joseph Abreu said he’s heard from a few people in the county who received the letters.  “Property owners should never pay a private company to get a copy of their public records,” St. Lucie County Clerk of the Court Joseph Smith said in an alert about the scam.




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