Lighthouse Point Board of Directors

Article II - Objectives of the Association (learn more about the BOD by reading the By-Laws)
To advance and improve Lighthouse Point as a community of congenial people; to encourage the design and appearance of homes that enhance the landscape; to create, invoke and institute means and measures for the protection and welfare of residence: to cooperate with civic authorities and other organizations for the betterment of Martin County, Florida; to encourage social and recreational activities lawful in the State of Florida.

President - Dina DeLucia
Park Chairpersons - Dina DeLucia
Vice President - Peter Landoli
Membership/ Communications - Michelle Liebowitz
Secretary - Michelle Liebowitz
Newcomers Welcome - Bridie Lamparelli
Treasurer - Christine Sears
Community Watch - David Elliot
Social Chairpersons - Michelle Liebowitz and
Cindy McKeon
Board Members:
Bob McKee, and JoAnn Young

Section 2. - Meetings of the Board of Directors (learn more about the BOD by reading the By-Laws)

Regular meeting of the Board of Directors shall be held the first week of January, March, April, June, September, November and December; the day of the week to be established by the Board of Directors. 



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