About Lighthouse Point Park.

Do you and your children play in the park?  Do you use the basketball court or the jungle gym?  Do you just enjoy sitting on the benches and watching boats on the river or the beautiful sunsets?  Do you walk your dog in the park?  (if so, PLEASE pick up after him/her!)  We hope so! And, if you aren’t taking advantage of the park, find out what you’ve been missing. 

The park is one of the great features of our community.  It’s a gathering place, a playground and just a wonderful asset that enhances Lighthouse Point. 

Lighthouse Point Park Palm City Florida.

Did you know that it is private property and that it is maintained solely through the Lighthouse Point Association?  That’s right, it is not a county park and is only available to us because of the commitment of our association to provide lawn care, pest control and equipment maintenance and ongoing support made possible by your membership dues.  If you and your family use the park and have not yet paid your membership, perhaps it’s time to join us.

As a Member, you are also entitled to use the LHP Park for your own events.  The Park Reservation Form explains all the detail you need to know about securing it for your own event.  Should you have any further questions, please contact the Park Chairperson listed on the form.